Chuyên mục ‘Dịch Vụ bỏ’

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However, in 1815, Napoleon, being Napoleon, had enough of that shit and slipped past the guards and set sail off the island. But legend has it that during a particularly rough storm at sea, the fleeing Napoleon was thrown overboard. The tale of one of the most important figures in history would have ended right […]

Starring: Michael Stuhlbarg, Richard Kind, Sari Wagner

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The fruits of her undergrad epiphany are on the screen today

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The worst area was in promises to myself

I consider myself accountable and of high integrity.It wasn until I actually got very conscious of EVERY commitment, promise and agreement I made lately, both formal and casual, that I saw I have some issues here. I was surprised.The worst area was in promises to myself. Those are the easiest to blow off. hermes birkin […]

Not that the comfort of loyal users was of utmost importance

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